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In addition to classes, Gymnastics Together provides with varieties of other services.

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June 19-23
July 10-14
July 17-21
August 10-14


Rhythmic gymnastics summer camp is an exciting opportunity for young gymnasts to improve their skills, learn new techniques, and build lasting friendships with other gymnasts.


The camp provides a fun and challenging environment for gymnasts to train and develop their skills in rhythmic gymnastics. With a special coach from Spain joining the camp, gymnasts will have the chance to learn from an experienced professional who has trained with some of the best gymnasts in the world.


During the camp, gymnasts will participate in a variety of activities designed to improve their flexibility, strength, and coordination. They will learn new routines, practice their dance moves, ballet, acrobatics, tumbling and work on their technique with the help of the  professional coaches. The camp will also include team-building activities and games to help gymnasts develop their social skills and make new friends.


Rhythmic gymnastics summer camp is an exciting and challenging program designed to help young gymnasts improve their skills in ballet, dance, acrobatics, and other related disciplines. The camp provides a supportive and engaging environment where gymnasts can learn from experienced coaches and fellow gymnasts, make new friends, and have fun.


In addition to the physical training, the camp will also offer arts and crafts activities to help gymnasts express their creativity and imagination.


The highlight of the camp will be the special coaches team: a coach and ballerina from Spain, who will share their knowledge and expertise in rhythmic gymnastics and ballet with the gymnasts; highly professional American coaches; special acro and dance teacher. The coaches will provide guidance and feedback to help gymnasts improve their skills and develop their technique. With the coaches' guidance, gymnasts will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and take their performance to the next level.

Overall, rhythmic gymnastics summer camp is an excellent opportunity for young gymnasts to enhance their skills, broaden their horizons, and make new friends in a fun and supportive environment. With a focus on ballet, dance, acrobatics, and arts and crafts, the camp provides a comprehensive program that promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.



This unique online boot camp training program offers top-level rhythmic gymnastics and ballet training led by professional and experienced coaches. The program offers flexible training sessions for one week, two weeks, four weeks, or eight weeks.


Gymnasts of all levels, including elite athletes, will have access to personalized intensive training sessions in small groups or individual covering disciplines such as ballet, dance, acrobatics, and other related skills. Additionally, the program includes educational sessions on sports nutrition, injury prevention, and performance and competitive psychology.

Gymnasts will receive one-on-one coaching, personalized feedback, and individualized training plans tailored to their specific needs and goals. The program provides an opportunity for gymnasts to connect with other athletes from around the world who share their passion for rhythmic gymnastics and boost their performance and competitions results.

Overall, this unique online boot camp training program offers a comprehensive and personalized training experience for gymnasts of all levels looking to improve their skills, develop their artistic expression, and achieve their goals in rhythmic gymnastics.

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